Bookmarks and Matching Gift Tags free printables

One of the areas I am trying to improve in myself, is to learn to love reading. My Uncle Carey always sent a book for birthdays when I was growing up and I think it is such a wonderful gift. Books are perfect gifts for yourself, birthdays, thinking of you, graduation, really any time you are thinking of someone, you can find a book that fits that part of their life. When I want to be inspired by something and more motivated, I need things to be cute! So I’ve create a few Bookmarks and Matching Gift Tags free printables to share with you today.

Bookmarks and matching gift tag free printables - main

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Perspective Can Change Everything – My Gratitude List

I’ve been having a visit from the green monster of jealousy lately. The more I focus on it, the more it grows and the worse I feel. I want to live with more purpose and intent. I am in control of my life and happiness. Sure there are opportunities that some of us get from time to time but it takes action to make things happen. On the outside, others may seem like things just fall into place but that’s rarely the case. Things take hard work, dedication, courage and sometimes a little luck. Perspective Can Change Everything.

Perspective Can Change Everything-02 copy

While we were growing up, I remember that someone told my mom that she must have homemade brownies waiting for us at home everyday and was a perfect mom. [Read more…]

How to clean up pet stains and eliminate odor outdoors

We have two pups, Royce and Molly. They are 6 and 5. Let’s just say things get pretty stinky outside sometimes. I’ve found some ways of how to clean up pet stains and eliminate odor outdoors that I’d like to share today.

How to clean up pet stains and eliminate odor outdoors-01 copy

When we were living in our townhouse back in Utah, the neighbors on both sides of us had dogs. Let’s just say that the smell back there got pretty bad. We all cleaned up but sometimes [Read more…]

Avenger’s Birthday Party Free Printables

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine threw an Avenger’s themed birthday party for her son. I offered to help with some of the party decor, since I love to do stuff like that. I made up these Avenger’s Birthday Party Free Printables for her and am excited to share them with you today.


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DIY Houndstooth Painted Table Makeover

I did something bold and fun and I am so excited to share with you today, my DIY Houndstooth Painted Table Makeover! 


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Coconut Lime Fizzy Salt Scrub Recipe plus free printable

I shared a package that I gave to my mom for her birthday and mentioned I’d share the details of the projects I made. These are some quick and personal projects that would make good everyday, birthday, Mother’s Day gifts, etc. Today, I am excited to share the Coconut Lime Fizzy Salt Scrub Recipe plus free printable.

Coconut Lime Fizzy Salt Scrub Recipe Plus Free Printable

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